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Welcome to Carol Loveless for
Maryland Delegate District 9B, Ellicott City

I have watched with growing alarm at what has been going on in Maryland’s capital. As our taxes continue to go up, more jobs continue to leave the state. I know this is as concerning to you and your family as it is to me and mine. The time has come for new voices and new ideas in Maryland.

After years of supporting other candidates, I finally have decided it is time to do more than just watch from the sidelines. I want to serve as your delegate in District 9B.

As a mom and longtime resident of Ellicott City, I have a deep understanding of what is most important to you, my Howard County neighbors. And as a small-business owner and employer, I have a profound grasp of the economic challenges we face and the negative impact it has had on jobs.

I want to take this knowledge with me to Annapolis. It is clear that the legislature needs more members who understand how business works, how jobs are created and how real, everyday people are being affected by the laws that are being passed.

As one of those real, everyday people, I will fight to make sure your voice is heard.

As we work to bring prosperity and job growth back to Maryland, I invite you to join me as a supporter in this fight.